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Size Does Make A Difference!!

Posted by Administrator on 2/3/2014
Think your pump will get by with a smaller pipe? Think again.

Building Pond kits

Posted by Administrator on 5/1/2013
Fish pond building are no longer exclusive to a professional. With a little sweat, anyone can turn their backyard into a water paradise.

Pump Flow Rate Dynamics

Posted by Administrator on 4/27/2013
This is as important as choosing the correct fountain pump.

Pondless Waterfalls Are Coming on Strong

Posted by Administrator on 4/24/2013
Over the past couple of years waterfalls without ponds, pond free waterfalls, or pondless waterfalls as they are sometimes called, have become red hot items in the water gardening world. One good question is, “Why have pondless water features become so incredibly popular?” Read On!!

Beware of Where You Look for Your Next Pond Pump

Posted by Administrator on 4/23/2013
Yes, this is a critique of the big box stores.

Pond Pump Is Not Running

Posted by Administrator on 4/22/2013

Are you plugging in your pond pump only to find it is not coming on? Most people will think it is time for a new pump. Think again!