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Real Basalt Column Fountain

Real Basalt Column Fountain

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Basalt Column Size
10" Tall [+$119.00]
14" tall [+$154.00]
20' Tall [+$209.00]
27" Tall [+$274.00]
35" Tall [+$329.00]
Complete Set 10", 14", 20" Set [+$436.00]
Complete Set 14", 20", 27" Set [+$575.00]
Complete Set 20", 27", 35" Set [+$733.00]
Complete Fountain Kit w/ Pump, Basin, and Light Set [+$1,169.99]
Optional Light Ring
Single Light (Included in Complete Kits) [+$34.99]
3 Set Lights (Included in Complete Kits) [+$64.99]

Tranquil Décor Real Basalt columns have unmatched simple beauty.

Perfect for creating a bubbling feature in a landscape or indoors, these columns will provide years of enjoyment. Each column is core drilled with 1 1/4" (32mm) hole from end to end, the last 1 1/2" is enlarged to 1 3/8" (37mm) to house optional light ring. Basalts can be used individually or in sets. Three column sets are available.

Natural cut sides with polished end make for a beautiful display even if the pump is off.

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