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From fountain pumps to pond pumps and kits, Relaxing Décor has the pond supplies you need to create your next water feature. Our staff is ready to assist you in the selection of everything from the smallest table top fountain pump to the largest backyard waterfall project.

Relaxing Décor has been owned and operated since 2003 by knowledgeable water feature contractor who can not only sell you pond supplies, but actually are experienced in their installation. We understand the dynamics and operating parameters of pond and fountain pumps and can help you select the correct submersible or external pond, waterfall, or fountain pump the FIRST time around.

We invite you to browse around our web site and view our many helpful resources including fountain installation videos, fountain photos, and blog posts addressing fountain and pond issues. We will never pressure you into products you do not need and we stand firmly behind the warranty of every product we offer.

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